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Subscription Deadline: 12/08/2022

Select the plan that best suits the needs of your distribution company, and get all the benefits that this web tool offers to enhance the performance of your company, allowing local and international comparison, and be among the best in the sector.


For a complete analysis of the partial productivity indicators (KPI’s); access to the visualization of KPI’s through Power BI, diagnostic report of the company and the sector; definition of an efficiency ranking of the companies through the stochastic frontier estimation of the costs per activity and a complete report on the improvement opportunities, Quantum recommends acquiring the Premium Plan


    «The digital inf. is the new oil of the 21st Century» 

    With the new tool, explore and work with the KPI indicators of your interest,  accessing the most complete database on the web with more than 100 time series of more than 90 natural gas and electricity distribution companies from 10 different countries around the world.


    «What is not measured cannot be improved»

    Analyze the performance of your natural gas or electricity distribution company by comparing its key performance indicators (KPI’s) with other companies in the sector, using a personalized Control Panel.


    «With data and knowledge and with them the power»

    Take part in the 6th International Benchmarking Study of Natural Gas and Electricity Distribution and discover where your company is inserted in the ranking of efficiencies in relation to the others.

    Early Subscription Discount**

     Deadline for Subscriptions to the International Benchmarking Study 2022:


    For payments made in advance of the deadline of subscriptions, the following discounts will be applied to the plans. Considering the Premium Plan, prices are as shown below:

    Discount per group of companies**

     In case that more than one company from the same economic group participates, the following discounts will be applied regardless of the date of subscription. Considering the Premium Plan, the prices are as follows:

      *The prices indicated in this offer do not include any tax and/or fee to be withheld from Quantum in compliance with the laws in force in each of the participating countries, such as, but not restricted to: Value Added Tax (VAT), Gross Income Withholding, Sales Tax, Tax on the Transfer of Remittances Abroad, etc., which will be added in their exact incidence in each invoice if applicable. Therefore, the values presented are understood as net values to be transferred

      ** Discount options are not cumulative; there are two discount alternatives, which are applied separately. E.g.: If a company chooses to use the early subscription discount (option 1), it cannot choose the discount by company group (option 2) and vice versa. In the case of early subscription, payment must be made in advance of the closing date of the subscription.