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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics: Indicators and Efficiencie

 Benchmarking tool designed by Quantum to enhance the performance of natural gas or electric power distribution companies comparing them locally and internationally

“Everything that can be measured, can be improved”

William Thomson Kelvin

The fully digital Benchmarking tool with access from any device, to turn your company into the leader in the sector.



«The digital inf. is the new oil of the 21st Century» 

With the new tool, explore and work with the KPI indicators of your interest,  accessing the most complete database on the web with more than 100 time series of more than 90 natural gas and electricity distribution companies from 10 different countries around the world.


«What is not measured cannot be improved»

Analyze the performance of your natural gas or electricity distribution company by comparing its key performance indicators (KPI’s) with other companies in the sector, using a personalized Control Panel.


«With data and knowledge and with them the power»

Take part in the International Benchmarking Study of Natural Gas Distribution 2022 and discover where your company is inserted in the ranking of efficiencies in relation to the others.


Key Business Indicators

Electricity Distribution Companies

Gas Distribution Companies

Countries around the World

Initial Analysis of the Company

With the BenchSmart tool, make strategic decisions quickly and easily from the analysis of a large number of performance indicators compared to those of other distribution companies in the sector.

Analysis of the Sector Worldwide

Distribution companies need to know in detail how their customers behave by category and their market in general and worldwide. For this, the BenchSmart tool performs a homogenization of the base for its correct comparison of results.

OPEX Cost Analysis

BenchSmart offers the study of the operating costs of the company, or often called OPEX (operational expenditure). A key variable to understand how and where the company spends its expenses and what are the key aspects of the business that need to be adjusted.

OPEX is defined as the money necessary for a company to carry out its day-to-day activities.

Comparative Efficiency Ranking 

The aim of BenchSmart is to estimate a ranking of cost efficiencies for the companies that are part of our bases. Using stochastic frontier techniques results are obtained, such as the cost reduction margin of each company, that is, if the company’s efficiency is 80%, then it has a reduction margin of 20% to be located at the frontier.



We have information, the most valuable resource today so that distribution companies can decide based on it


Access to databases segmented according to the needs of the company and work it as it want


Our team keeps the databases updated so that the company has access to fresh and quality data

Feedback 360°

We offer personalized contact to meet your needs and provide you with the best product tailored to your needs

Monthly Articles

We will keep you informed through articles and news about topics of interest in the sector that may affect your company.


We guarantee that all the information in our databases is high quality and useful for your company


Our products will have access from any computer and / or mobile device wherever and whenever


We have a system of notifications and alarms when changes in the variables, easing decision-making in time

our history

BenchSmart is a tool provided by Quantum América, an international consulting firm specialized in public services. With more than 20 years in the sector, QUANTUM has actively worked for more than 100 electricity and gas distribution companies, understanding the importance of being able to compare the different distribution companies to know their strengths and weaknesses. 

QUANTUM offers BenchSmart the first web tool that provides solutions to electricity and natural gas distribution companies throughout Latin America through the use of the most valuable thing to manage your business: INFORMATION.

Trusted by more than 30 natural gas distribution companies around the world. Among them: