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Comparative Efficiency Ranking

We will launch the 2022 Benchmarking Study for gas distribution companies, an essential tool to take the best practices, enhance performance and improve productivity.

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We carry out the most complete Benchmarking Study of the market to know the efficiency Ranking of your sector, showing the one that makes use of the energy in an intelligent way.


You will have access to all public databases so you can perform your own analysis. 


We have a 100% digital platform so you can upload the most relevant information from your distribution company and enjoy the benefits of comparing yourself. 


We provide a detailed report with hundreds of indicators analyzed by our specialists to ease your decision making and the elaboration of an efficiency ranking that allows you to consider the best practices of other companies.

What is Benchmarking?

The calculation of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the participating companies is complemented with the Annual Benchmarking Studies.

The Benchmarking study includes the application of different econometric techniques that allow the determination of the efficient levels of the variable under study (OPEX, non-technical losses, CAPEX, etc.) and the construction of a comparative efficiency ranking of the companies that make up the database of distribution companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A more complete analysis that simultaneously involves those key variables that influence the efficiency of the business and that allows to compare the performance of your company with respect to similar companies through a single indicator, is the estimation of a function that determines the level of efficiency of each of the companies.

There are different Benchmarking methodologies that are based on the comparison of the current performance of the company in relation to its past performance, or in relation to the performance of other companies in the sector. Efficiency can be estimated by applying econometric techniques.

There are three widely used methodologies to calculate it:

  1. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA*)
  2. Square Minimums (MCO*)
  3. Stochastic frontier (SFA*)

From the estimation of the level of efficiency it is possible to determine the position of each of the companies with respect to the average and the frontier.

Watch the video to understand what is involved:

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OPEX Analysis

Efficiency estimation



«The digital inf. is the new oil of the 21st Century» 

With the new tool, explore and work with the KPI indicators of your interest,  accessing the most complete database on the web with more than 100 time series of more than 90 natural gas and electricity distribution companies from 10 different countries around the world.


«What is not measured cannot be improved»

Analyze the performance of your natural gas distribution company by comparing its key performance indicators (KPI’s) with other companies in the sector, using a personalized Control Panel.